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Starring:Wendy Fiore

Added: Wednesday September 11, 2013


Posted by true13
Hope to see Wendy on this site again soon. She's awesome sauce.
Posted by true13
I really hope that you guys have more material with this amazing woman.
Posted by vikingTEMP
Her and Denise Milani should have a catfight and rip each other's bras off. Is that a good idea or what? I can just imagine the fives they would get for that one.
Posted by bennyhills
nipples ? while the vid is good, this site is about huge boobs WITH nipples. The fact that Wendy decides to not show them has me puzzled ? Thanks but I'll stick to Leanne, Monica, and Lana cuz they not afraid to show it all ! Thank you ladies !
Posted by hugebosoms
Wendy makes up for never showing her nipples with having big juicy jiggling bulging huge cleavage bosoms.....She can make a man hard with her sensuality and her buxom bulging! Mmmmmmm!!!
Posted by true13
ALRIGHT!!!! Wendy Fiore is certainly and without a doubt just pure awesomeness. Would love to see more of her on this site.
Posted by seanblack
WOW, Wendy's TITs are just amazing, all her photos just look really HOT.

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