Anya Zenkova - Green Bikini 1 - A picturesque outdoor location for a picturesque big boob gal!

Starring:Anya Zenkova

Added: Friday March 18, 2011

There is just something about scenic, picturesque outdoor locations that bring out the best in an equally scenic, picturesque big boob model like 32GG Anya Zenkova and for those of you who appreciate both the beauty of nature and the beauty of a sexy hot babe with incredible all-natural 32GG-cup big boobs, then have we got a video for you!  Shot in gorgeous, crystal-clear HD, this new video of Anya will take your breath away in more ways than one.  Check out Anya as she strips down and strolls near the cliff top by the water's edge and then shimmies down to the beach to douse her amazing GG's in the warm blue waters.  This is definitely a must-see for Anya fans (and big boob fans) everywhere!

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