Andrea Marquez - Bikini Babe 3

Starring:Andrea Marquez

Added: Wednesday March 27, 2013

You know what never goes out of style?  Hot and sexy big tits bikini babes, that's what.  You could be having the worst day in the world when the simple site of a super sexy bikini babe with glistening skin and oiled up big tits busting out of her tiny bikini can turn it all around in a single instant.  Well, we don't know what kind of day you're having right now -- hopefully it's a good one, and if it is if it's about to get a whole lot better -- and even if it's not it's still about to become a whole lot better because the luscious lips and curvy hips and chockablock big boobs of 34G Andrea Marquez are back again today in a scintillating, super-long HD video creation that showcases all of Andrea's awesome goods in crystal-clear HD perfection.  This is al the 5D footage we took from the shoot Andrea did at poolside in the colorful bikini and in it she proceeds to do a striptease that will send your knees shaking, not to mention rub oil all over those awesome monster mammaries of hers.  The footage from the 5D is absolutely incredible looking and when you have an incredible looking model with huge tits like these, that makes for one heck of a combination!

Screenshots from this Video
Posted by squid0767
Beautiful woman - would be nice to see a different set of sunglasses.
Posted by BBLover
Bring her back please!
Posted by RANDOLPH1931
All I can say is, WOW!
Posted by Phaseone11
The Best
Posted by pinupfan
I WANT THIS WOMAN,,,,REPEATEDLY!!!!!!! She is head-to-toe MAN-CANDY!
Posted by busenclassic
Hmmm! Quality succulent breasts for my appreciation! Thanks Andrea, you always do it for me.
Posted by boobfan27
Andrea is wonderful and I love this video. So hot to watch her playing with her magnificent big titties - bouncing them, shaking them, squeezing them, and rubbing lotion on them...

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